Microsoft, lagging far behind IBM and Oracle (excluding Sharepoint, often used for the SOA consumer), is starting a cloud computing unit. MSFT should have done this long ago, but I believe MSFT will need to make a few major acquisitions to compete with IBM and Oracle. Microsoft to start SOA unit
Twitter has been hacked again.. It's another black eye for Twitter's security and overall reliability. Twitter's problems should be a lesson for all SOA providers. While Twitter's data is likely limited to e-mail accounts, secure services often have critical data that can be compromised. SOA, in addition to the usual security issues, has addition security risks such as replay attacks.
Error handling is an important component of error handling that is often ignored at design time. As an example, the Twitter REST API sometimes does not have enough useful information to give back to the user. Worse, some requests that should return JSON return HTML on an error. If you are requesting JSON, the error results should also be in JSON. Bad error handling places an undue burden on client applications and hurt your services. My company has developed a Twitter app which was delayed due to these types of issues.