Euro bank Nordea is using SOA to significantly slash operational costs (i.e people costs). Nordea's business use case is one common to international banks: customer loans that require different business processes in each country. The operational cost: 2 BIL Euros/year, which has been reduced by 25% via SOA.  Nordea did not calculate the added IT costs, calling it "peanuts" in comparison to the savings.  While I disagree with not calculating the IT costs, Nordea has employed an excellent SOA roadmap: A group of eight architects began planning for this project in 2003, with development starting in 2005.  How many US companies would allow "no development" for almost two years?  Nordea first unified the front end and will work on the back-end for the next 5 years. All too often, companies are trying the "big bang" SOA approach, or diving into SOA with no roadmap, which generally results in wasted money.