Gartner reports: "The number of organizations planning to adopt SOA for the first time decreased to 25 percent; it had been 53 percent in last year's survey. Also, the number of organizations with no plans to adopt SOA doubled from 7 percent in 2007 to 16 percent in 2008. This dramatic falloff has been happening since the beginning of 2008." This is attributed to the US economy. As I've written previously, however, Europe is much more progressive on the SOA technology front. They clearly see the technological and financial advantages of SOA and continue to think long term despite the short-term economic situation. This is reflected by KPI's industry experience and by readership stats on this web site. Gartner concurs, stating: "plans for (SOA) adoption vary widely by region. SOA adoption is nearly universal in Europe, moderate in North America, and lagging in Asia, Gartner said."