David Linthicum makes some very broad SOA predictions in his latest column. He believes that PAAS is unstoppable and will leave many CIOs "scratching their head." Linthicum fails to see the security and privacy roadblocks to widespread PAAS and SAAS adoptions. But Linthicum is completely correct when he predicts that "Most failed SOA projects will be traced to unqualified SOA architects." KPI has found that projects primarily fail due to bad people. It all starts at the top and a bad SOA architect will completely kill your project. In fact, the most successful SOA projects (remember, 80% of SOA projects fail) start with a new CIO and a new SOA Architect. KPI highly recommends that organizations use consultants on new SOA initiatives. SOA consultants have a wide breadth of project knowledge and experience with all the vendor intricacies that you simply cannot learn in-house. Linthicum's other interesting predictions is that the "jig will be up for poor SOA governance solutions out there." I predict you will see a lot of merger and acquisition activity in the SOA governance world next year.