Being a graduate of the Carnegie Mellon/SEI Master of Software Engineering program, I am well versed in the CMM (Capability Maturity Model). Dr Dobb's has done a good job in modeling their Cloud Computing Adoption Model loosely around the CMM. The five levels:
   Level 1: Virtualization. virtualization technologies for seamless portability of applications and shared server infrastructure.
   Level 2: Cloud Experimentation. Virtualization is taken to a cloud model, either internally or externally
   Level 3: Cloud Foundations. Governance, controls, procedures, policies, and best practices begin to form around the development and deployment of cloud applications.
   Level 4: Cloud Advancement. Governance foundations allow organizations to scale up the volume of cloud applications through broad-based deployments in the cloud.
   Level 5: Cloud Actualization. Dynamic workload balancing across multiple utility clouds.
It is hard to improve what you cannot measure. These levels will help organizations measure the maturity of their cloud.