As some readers may know, I was on the initial development team of the IBM WebSphere product at Transarc/IBM. I have worked with the IBM Hursley lab and other non-IBM UK based companies. There is a great divide between America and the UK on software process. The UK embraces it, while American managers, in general, tend to make penny fool decisions on the matter (as additional evidence, the UK spends more time reading TheSOABlog than the US!). As the leader of KPI, I stress to our clients that a good process and SOA governance is critical in large SOA systems. Without it, your SOA implementation will fall into the 80% failure bucket. Imagine the scenario where you need to evolve your service version to a new version. Remember that in SOA, a service provider should be decopuled from a service consumer. How does a service provider advertise it's expiration date, if any? How does it advertise a new version? How is service created or retired? Which brings us back to the UK, where the Hursley lab has been instrumental in WSRR, IBM's registry and governance tool. After an organization has the proper mindset on process and governance, they need to pick a tool. KPI recommends WSRR (there are other tools we like also) as it gives business the opportunity to create their own governance model that supports the process and governance needed for a large scale SOA deployment. If you are using the IBM stack, it is also becoming increasingly integrated into DataPower and WebSphere.