UPDATE: if you still trust Google's cloud, read this

With cloud computing gaining momentum, the need to protect your private data is more important than ever. Did you know the Feds are using Facebook, where you can easily create a fake profile for someone, to help decide who poses a threat to national security? With Facebook, Whrrl, and Twitter becoming tightly integrated into the cloud -- the need to protect your privacy increases. This brings us to who wants to become the biggest cloud of them all: Google. The world's largest search engine stores private data - it's one of the reasons they target ads so well. Privacy and security lags significantly behind other components of SOA and the cloud. KPI recommends to our customers some basic steps to take: (1) always browse in 'private' mode, a feature in Safari and the new Microsoft browser (2) aggressively search for false Wikipedia, Facebook, etc. entries and (3) use high privacy/security settings in applications and browsers. You would be shocked to find out how even these little things are not done.