KPI always advises our customers to be on the lookout for SOA vendor spin, especially vendors putting the SOA label on old technology. This vendor-written article on the benefits of open source SOA is just one example. The spin begins in the second paragraph: "Open source has become a staple of enterprise-class IT as concerns about stability, security and support fall away." These concerns are, if anything, growing -- especially in the area of security. Fortify has shown that some of the most popular open source systems are exposing businesses and users to "significant and unnecessary business risk." The article then goes on to advocate open source for your ESB and governance, calling it a "good and affordable option." Both claims are ridiculous. In high throughput enterprise level environments, you need an enterprise quality ESB and enterprise level support. Open source might be free, but if you use it for an emerging technology such as SOA, you will pay more in the long run. KPI has seen it happen over and over.